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May 15

Written by: International Marbella
Sunday, May 15, 2011  RssIcon

Today’s difficult and tight economical World situation stagnates the property market worldwide and to overcome such and to ensure that we make property work for our clients we have set up the Property Exchange to create market movement.

Any form of property is an international commodity whether that is; - an apartment in London put up as part-exchange payment towards a 4-bedroom villa in Marbella; - a large property outside Madrid as part-payment towards an agricultural farm in Southern France; - a sailing yacht in the Meditaranian towards a villa inland above Puerto Banus or a wish for up-grading ones home to a larger estate offering two million euros plus the villa.

By utilizing the Property Exchange we try to assist our clients to move on with their lives and plans; - the Scandinavian couple who wishes to retire to Southern Spain but have to sell either their property or business prior to fulfilling their dreams, they by using the Property Exchange could locate an interested party and thus be one step closer to their dream.

The Property Exchange is a Joint Venture between our clients and International Marbella and at all time flexability is the key to success. The part exchanged property may not be the ultimate choice but it is a step onto the road towards the final goal.

Should you wish to join the Property Exchange Club please visit us on

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