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Jan 9

Written by: International Marbella
Wednesday, January 9, 2013  RssIcon

Ensuring that at all times International Marbella follow the present and future publicity trend by being fully aware of the impact of Social Media Marketing,- however not fully understanding how it all works, we have now employed an innovative young man to aggressively push our website and our products using this very progressive rapidly growing marketing tool.

We are marketing all our luxury properties on our International Marbella FB-page and our latest “Jet-Set Lets” and “Invenstor’s Dream” Lists are published on Twitter together with our monthly blogs.

Over the months we will keep our vendors & landlords informed as to the respond but already we are feeling a push with regard to international awareness.

Facebook andTwitter have become such a powerful tool that we have to move forward and flow with the times joining this crazy fast moving world of social media.

The latest figures show that by latter part of 2012 in total 33 % of all world trade was done via the internet - so we need to ensure that our products are out there being marketed the correct way.

Previously one was constantly focusing on "google ranking" - today Twitter is taking over and a growing amount of potential purchasers and tennants start searching here. Combined with the commercial use of Face Book and of course promotion of ones website we are ensuring to move with the times when trying to locate a willing and able buyer.

Why not follow us on Twitter or Facebook to ensure you receive our latest news instantsly.

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