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Aug 20

Written by: International Marbella
Wednesday, August 20, 2014  RssIcon

The summer of 2014 is coming to an end and what a summer it has been so many visitors among others a wealth of famous footballers partying after the World Cup, Sylvester Stallone & co actors Jason Statham/Wesley Snipe introducing their new movie and 22.000 people attending the David Guetta Concert.

Financial Times social journalist “Swellboy” seems to agree with us at International Marbella; -

“This summer in Marbella seems even busier than usual, not least because the 60th anniversary celebrations of the Marbella Club are underway. I think that Marbella is once again on the way up, after a period of stagnation… but of course I am the area’s biggest apologist and quite why I have not been given the keys of the city and had a street named after me for my loyal proselytising of this stretch of the Mediterranean coast remains a mystery

Certainly the nightlife is brisker than I remember it being. The patio of the Puente Romano hotel has been turned into a gastronomic hub, and one of the highlights is the Morelli brothers’ excellent Serafina right next to the Roman Bridge from which the hotel takes its name. Naturally the Morellis are booked solid from now until September, but there is much else besides, including the two-star Michelin presence of Dani Garcia, who has also opened a gourmet tapas set-up. There is also a sushi bar, a Moroccan restaurant that turns into a nightclub at midnight, with that sine qua non of modern Mediterranean nocturnal ambience: a man furiously hammering away at a large bongo drum to enhance the boom-boom-boom…

Meanwhile, a few hundred metres east at the Marbella Club, the patio scene is also hotting up, with the opening of the Hubertus Zone. Prince Hubertus is the polymath, polyglot, ski champ, pop star, artist son of club founder Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe (see Swellboy passim) and he has opened a pop-up space that is part bar, part restaurant, part shop with a DJ, where it is possible to order everything from tapas (the boquerones in vinegar is the best) to the legendary Marbella chocolate mousse.

This is plainly the summer of the patio, as one of my favourite new spots is the Patio del Dragon: a gem of a place, just across the road from the Marbella Club and Puente Romano. At the Patio del Dragon the action takes place in two courtyards planted with shady palms and soaring cypresses around which is arranged a pleasingly Moorish ramble of houses. There is a pool, a seemingly inexhaustible supply of Coke Zero, boquerones and fine Havana cigars. There is even a backgammon corner. It is also where I see most of fabled southeast Asian art dealer Fabien Fryns, perhaps unsurprisingly as the Patio del Dragon is actually the name of his newly refurbished summer house. On the strength of the hospitality offered by him and his glamorous wife Lucy, I have been urging him to quit the art world and go into the patio business. “

International Marbella loves Marbella too.................................

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