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Tuesday, January 24, 2017  RssIcon

International Marbella are delighted to kick off 2017 by introducing a chic exciting contemporary method to enhance your property by utilizing the innovative Art by Eftim Rusev.

Eftim is an established artist whose work has left a serious impression on the art scene in just a short period of time. He has collaborated with Nescafe and Mini Cooper and his work hangs in the headquarters of Christian Dior in Paris. 
His latest collection of work ”Neon Light” is a series of bold, colourful abstract paintings where the fluorescent colours leap off the canvas. This collection synergises perfectly with the white walls of our more contemporary properties throughout Marbella and our offices exhibits one of these genius works of Art.

His path into art was somewhat unconventional as he was successfully working in the corporate world for many years. He began to paint mainly as a hobby but his work quickly garnered high acclaim from established art world members. Eftim shrewdly decided against showing his work in stuffy contemporary art galleries as he knew his potential audience was unlikely to frequent such establishments, instead he started to hang his work in popular Nightclubs, restaurants and Trade Centres around Bulgaria. It was at this point that he knew his destiny lay in creative endeavours and he quit the corporate world to focus fully on his work. 

In 2015 he left his home country of Bulgaria and opened a self-titled gallery in the creative hot spot of Sitges in Barcelona. After a year which rapidly saw his audience of international buyers expand, he made the decision to head south. Eftim is now a resident of Marbella, where his artwork is beginning to appear on more and more discerning collectors walls.

International Marbella are currently planning to present a showcase of Eftim´s work, where we will be inviting industry colleagues and our clients to view this incredible work first hand. See

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