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Jun 7

Written by: International Marbella
Wednesday, June 7, 2017  RssIcon

“ Fusion of Arts” - What a Cocktail Party it turned out to be ! - International Marbella teamed up with their co-sponsors to create yet another amazing Agents of Luxury Cocktail Party with over 260 glamorous guests attending all dressed to impress.....

Guests arrived via a long sweeping drive passing a fantastic parade of all the latest models of Bentley cars in the most provocative of colours of which a fluorescent green Bentayaga stole all eyes only till noticing the suprime elegant New Continental GT V8S Convertible and much more. – all with the glorious background of Villa Cristal boasting grandeur and elegant design.

While invited to test the sumptuous vehicles guests were initially served a selection of champagnes and wines specially imported by La Carniciria Gallega to pamper their taste buds. With such treat in mouth they were guided inside this magnificent newly built contemporary 1700 m2 Mansion boasting fabulous views and amazing interior design enhanced by trendy Art works by the renowned Finnish artist Maiju Tirri.

After a splendid invitation to enjoy the surroundings the legal firm Welex and the rest of my team had the pleasure of offering an abundance of pallet teasers including Russian caviar, warm smoked salmon, danish eel, duck spring rolls complimented by a variety of wines, champagne and cocktails – of which the “Porn Star Martini” seemed to be the hit-of-evening.

Tine Hagemeister owner of International Marbella thank their enormously professional co-hosts and the extensive international crowd who most definitely made it an Evening to Remember.

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