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Written by: International Marbella
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International Marbella is the new world of real estate where personalised service is the key to making the customer’s property work. We excell in multi-tasking thus utilizing all angles as a possible tool to reach the ultimate result making our clients property portfolio profitable. 

International Marbella is a co-orporation of consultants each with expertise in all aspects of property,  specialising in not just one thing but ensuring that all angles are approached to optimize the wishes  of our clients.  We make property work for our clients. 

When instructed to act in one matter we ensure using all roads reaching the ultimate goal whether that may be to sell,  buy,  rent,  investment options, property exchange deals, Joint-Venture schemes, refurbishment projects, house-doctoring or interior design.   

The expertise carried by our multi-lingual cosmopolitan team extends across borders and each of us have worked and gained knowledge throughout the World resulting in offering a powerful personalized professional property Network to our clientel. 

International Marbella is the new world of real estate where personalised service is the key and by spending the time together with our clients to analyze all aspects of their property needs we can reach a way forward where the client feel that professional action has been instigated and taken.

Our latest tool is taking onboard an Event Consultant Caroline Hallett to ensure that our Holiday Shortlet Portfolio is exposed to profitable rentals even in the off-season.

After a “think-tank” conference Caroline joined us and will be able to take short-letting to a different dimension and thus ensuring International Marbella makes their customer’s property work. 

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