What a hilarious day we had …….. Having been invited to be Ambassador for IJet private Jet Charter I was asked to produce a promotional video for their firm to be used in their marketing campaign. To be efficient we decided to join hands and create the filming in the style of our Agents of Luxury videos enabling us to combine both and create season III. Not sure if you readers have watched the previous two but as always it is our Tongue-in-Cheek corporate marketing videos which original were started to adhere from the standard slick imaging to add a smile to potential clients’ faces.

The day started in the office with full blown make-up done by my professional make-up artist Wiktoria including false Bamby-eyelashes. Off the three of us went, Josephine, Laura and I, in the direction of the private VIP airport lounge at Malaga with a selection of the mandatory stiletto heels, black outfits and MI5 sunglasses.

Arriving at the tucked away private lounges we were instantly met with welcoming staff inviting us into the small elegant sections offering us an abundance of refreshments ensuring us feeling already pampered on the onset of the potential journey. Going through security was a doddle with a kind officer guiding Boxy and his “Girls” taking a mere 2 minutes only to be led to a Mercedes car taking us to the private plane. And here the filming began. Well I must admit the toughest part was to elegantly try to carry Chanel Handbag and overweight dog up the steps to the Jet but I managed with a bit of creative editing ! The hardest part of the day was to persuade Boxy that his day of private Jet travel was over and time to go home – not easily persuaded he in the end agreed to say thank you and join us in our hometrip. Great fun – Good day – Fabulous End-product. Scan the QR code to view the video and by the way the music is essential.

Should you like to enjoy an equally trendy experience and obtain a VIP Card please contact my office.

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