Undoubtedly a priority when visiting Marbella is a day at one of the fabulous Beach clubs, with “Ocean Club”, “Nikki Beach”, “Plaza Beach” and “La Sala by the Sea” gaining a reputation as a must-see and part of the must-dos, but home owners are taking it one step further by bringing the beach club ambience and feel back to their properties.

Due to a rise in sales to people from predominantly colder Northern countries such as Scandinavia, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Austria the new owners are seriously investing in exterior space bringing the trendy beach club feel home by renovating or creating pool areas and roof terraces with similar trendy ambiances presently found at the beach clubs but without the inconveniences of getting there nor having the stress of parking. The outside of villas are adorned by Gazebos that also include outdoor seating areas to eat and drink alongside the pool, jacuzzis to relax and outdoor sound or cinema systems to complete the experience in the privacy of ones own home.

The 2018 Summer Trend complimented the new surge of glorification of exterior living areas being that of the pink and white inflatable flamingo allowing for a fun yet stylish way to lounge around in the swimming pool enjoying the beautiful Marbella climate.

These changes add extra living accommodation and at International Marbella we have noted add great value to the property being a large selling point for clients that understand the Costa del Sol attitude and lifestyle.

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