Without doubt one of the World’s hot spots, beauty spots and tourists spots and living in Marbella is living in an oasis which to a certain extent is not affected by the outside world and its many ups and downs over the years. A maximum of 3 hours flight away from other European parts, with a wealth of incoming flights and a climate which offers warm sunshine all year round – no wonder so many wish to be part of our amazing life style.

Surrounded and protected by a mountain nature reserve the climate is always warm and pleasant, dry with a slight breeze during the hottest time of the day and the air has been classified as some of the purest in Europe due to having no industry nor extensive traffic to pollute.

The Mediterranean sea is mostly calm, warm and inviting and the beaches are wide with beach clubs scattered at a distances catering for all tastes whether that may be the trendy Oasian Club with its famous Champagne Pool Parties, the elegant traditional hotel beach clubs or the very relaxed Spanish Chirrengitoes serving fresh fish & cold white wine while sitting in the sand at plastic tables a foot from the water’s edge. The most amazing about the climate is that for six months of the year one can get up in the morning, drive for 1 ½ hour to ski on the slopes of Sierra Nevada and by lunchtime return to Marbella to enjoy a late bikini meal soaking up the afternoon rays…

A large mixture of nationalities live happily in this idyllic cosmopolitan melting pot called Marbella and no surprise so many choose to acquire a holiday home or as an increasing number of people, a permanent home, as one is offered a selection of excellent private international schools and given an infrastructure together with social structure at highest level.

The world economy has of course affected Marbella as most residents generate income in various parts of the World, and the property market has slowed down thus affecting property prices making the time very advantageous to acquire that holiday, retirement or permanent dream home.

When visiting Marbella the majority feels that they are in an Oasis – a happy haven, but Marbella deceives as it very much has the finger on the pulse due to the input of it’s cosmopolitan Jetset residents. The area offers exclusive hotels, shopping equal to Bond Street, gourmet restaurants with cuisines from all parts of the world, trendy bars & clubs and a real estate market which has moved with the times.

To form part of our glamorous society, contact us at International Marbella, as our multi-tasking multi-lingual team can make that dream happen. Being a bespoke consultancy the majority of our applicants retain us as their property finders to locate the right for them.

We cover the full range; - the best buy, the best address, the highest luxury, the most unique, the small holiday pad abroad, the extravagant mansion, the rental investment, the extreme contemporary dream, the cleverly interior designed villa, the minimalistic apartment and the Miami style duplex penthouse. What ever is available on the market at any particular time as long as it may satisfy the wishes of our clients. As a company we take great pride in selecting the properties which we market and sell, thus ensuring giving the best service possible to both our vendors and potential buyers.

International Marbella is the new world of real estate where personalised service is the key to making the customer’s property requirements work and we extend an open invitation to contact us to reep the benefit of many years experience combined with our determination to our clients dream come true.

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