It’s a proven fact that buyers make up their mind within the first 30 seconds, so it’s imperative that your property appeals to the widest possible range of potential buyers; - and that the property gives out the right “Curb-appeal”.

A well presented property increases your chance to sell quickly and for the best price possible and an immaculate interior as well as exterior is the ultimate key to selling your property.

When located in a warm climate one must always ensure that all outside space and gardens are given as much importance as the interior design, especially as outside covered terraces often are used as the main reception area for 9 months of the year.

International Marbella knows what buyers look for and we are always careful to recommend only changes that will have a positive effect in terms of visual impact and that House Doctoring is done at the lowest cost possible.

Potential buyers and tenants like to see a property in which they can imagine living and it’s important that homes convey a lifestyle that immediately captures the imagination of the viewer.

International Marbella advice and organise dressing the property in a way that is tailored to the type of property and its target market - from country cottages to urban apartments.

Most of us live with too many possessions and If you’re selling it is essential that your property appears as spacious and uncluttered as possible.

When decluttering the advantage of involving a third party like us is that we’re emotionally detached from your belongings and can evaluate the best action to take, whether putting some things into storage or reusing them in a different way some where else in the property.

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